Ari Taub

Ari Taub (Director) made his first film at age 8 in his basement with a 16mm film camera. He went on to make short comedies in high school and college. He has made many award winning films and has had his work show cased around the world. He has directed some off-off Broadway Theatre, and has worked on hundreds of independent commercials, features and short films in various crew positions. He has also line produced some Music Videos and Commercials for TV. Recently, Ari has just finished his first feature film entitled The Fallen and Letters from the Dead a World War II film which looks at the 2nd World War from three different points of view. He just picked up "Best New Director" at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

Among the awards Ari has won over the years: the Nissan Focus Award, the Warner Award, the Mobil Award, several Cine Golden Eagles, as well as 1st Prize at the Certamen International Film Festival in Spain, and 1st Prize at the Klagenfurt International film festival in Austria. His films have been screened on Showtime, Arts & Entertainment, HBO, and the Disney Channel. His film The Red Herring was compared to Roger Corman’s “Little Shop of Horrors” on Showtime’s the Director’s Series for excellence in low-budget filmmaking. He has been interviewed by Roger Ebert on the Disney Channel and has appeared in articles in the Los Angeles Times as one of the most promising young filmmakers to come out of NYU Film school.

Ari is president of Hit and Run Productions, Inc., a production company that provides film equipment to the local indie filmmaking industry. Ari holds a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Television from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

Currently Ari is in development on three feature film projects The Practice Room by Katheryn Grant, Odds by Matthew Black, and A Long Time Ago by John Ramaine, and hopes to start work on these projects in the Spring of 2004.