CATHERINE the GREAT an epic musical
Book:Mikhail Roshin
The story of a young German princess who became the most beloved Russian Empress, adored and
desired by many, hated and feared by others.

Wien New York Retour (9.11 - The Witnesses) listen to the song
Book: Dennis Kozeluh.
One-woman musical drama centered on the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001.
World premier (in German): 9.11. 2002 in Metropol Theater, Vienna, Austria.

1000 Suns or Dr. Jockel In Power (1000 Sonnen oder Dr. Jockel an der Macht)
Book: Erich Moechel.
Biting musical satire on the New European Right.
September 1999, Theater Scala, Vienna.

Feast During the Plague
Text: a Small Tragedy by Alexander Pushkin.
Club Moscow, New York (1999) MKHAT, Moscow (1991) Jugendstiltheater, Vienna (1991).
Concert version was broadcasted by Russian TV in 1989.

Red Riding! Red Riding! (Rotkäppchen! Rotkäppchen!)
Book: Ernst Ekker.
Künstlerhaus, Vienna (1998) AKZENT, Vienna (1999), German Theater Timisoara (2000) and on tour
around Romania (2001)

Romeo & Juliet in Sarajevo - a Shakespeare musical
Interku Theater & Ensembletheater, Vienna (1995-97).
In 1996 show went tour in Austria and represented Austria and Croatia and Bosnia Bard's verse mixed with true stories from the Bosnian war.

Chansons und Satiren aus Theresienstadt listen to the song
Theater im Rabenhof, Vienna (1992-95).
Tour on leading theater stages of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Salzburg, Karlsruhe, Wiesbaden and other.

Max & Moritz (children's opera)
Based on the childerns' book by Wilhelm Bush.
Theater im Künstlerhaus, InterkulTheater &Vindobona, Vienna (1994-98).

Behind the Mirror (Hinter dem Spiegel)
Musical in Chansons for and with Sandra Kreisler, Theater K&K, Vienna (1994).

Victory Over the Sun (futurist opera, co-written with Dieter Kaufmann)
Theater im Künstlerhaus, Vienna (1993). On tour in Austria (1993) and Russia (1993 and 97).
A new version of the 1913 masterpiece with costumes designed by K. Malevich.

Don Juan - a tragic musical
Text: Pushkin.
Austro-Russian co-production. MKHAT & Vienna Jugendstiltheater (1991).

The R + J Musical (Romeo und Julia)
Shakespeare's tragedy set to music, in German.
George Tabori's Theater Kreis, Vienna (1990).

Ophelia - opera in blue
Text derived from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Roter Engel, Vienna (1988), Moscow Chamber Opera (1990-91), Guildford School for Drama, England (1993)

Don Perlimplin
Text: Garcia Lorca


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For Whom the Bell Tolls: In Memoriam September 11 for cello, strings and 4 bells (2001)
Requiem for Victims of Nazism for symphony orchestra and soloists (1986)
Five Poems by Austrian Poets in Exile (First Prize at All-Russian Competition, 1985) Monologues for female voice and piano (1986)
Variations for violin and string orchestra (1984)
In Memoriam Andrei Tarkovsky for piano solo, premiere in Rimini, Italy (1987)
Maid and a Soldier ballet music for symphony orchestra (1983)
Don Perlimplin chamber opera based on the play by F.G.Lorca (1982)
Two Tangos for violin and strings. Performed by Dora Schwarzberg, Bologna, Italy


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Circus Fantasy after film music by Isaak Dunayevsky
(1985 violin/piano version 1999 violin/strings version) performed all over the globe in venues like
Avery Fisher Hall, 1999 and Moscow Grand Tchaikovski Hall, 2000.
Piano version featured on CD LA CINEMA, orchestral version is due for release by Nonesuch.
This recording was a feature of numerous broadcasts including NPR and BBC.

Concert Fantasy After Reading Dante (after Liszt). For violin and strings.
Dedicated to and performed by Gidon Kremer and KREMERata Baltica amongst other venues at the
Estonia Hall (Tallin, January 2002, world premiere), Santa Cecilia (Rome), Moscow Tschaikovsy Hall,
the Royal Albert Hall (London, BBC Proms), Festivals in Verbier (Swtzerland) and Lockenhaus (Austria)
and in Japan in a concert featuring Jesse Norman.


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9.11 - One Year Later (NTV, New York)
Letters from the Dead (WWII Films, New York, dir. Ari Taub, 2003)
On Brighton (Bravo Films, New York)
Der Traum der bleibt (Austria, 1996)
El Chicko (Austria, 1995)
Legend of Salieri (Russia, 1986)
Signations for Inlingua (1994) and Letter From New York, a Russian Public TV series about New York's art scene


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Molier, or Cabal of the Hypocrits (Wesleayan College, 2003)
An Aboslutely Happy Village (New York, 2002)
Twilight in Berlin (New York, 2002)
Three Sisters (Graz, 1996)
Balagantschik (Vienna, 1994)
Hase Hase (Vienna, 1993)
Don Perlimplin (Salzburg, 1992)
Hamlet (directed by George Tabori, Vienna Festwochen, 1990)
Blue Sky, Clouds ... (Moscow, 1983)
She in the Absence of Love and Death (Moscow, 1980)
Hamlet (Moscow, 1978).